I’ve got a couple of posts prepared, but I feel my first post should be an introduction.
I’ve recently given birth, and when I say recently, I mean 4 weeks ago, so I’m still very new at being a mommy, though I think I’m doing pretty good so far… I mostly have my son to thank for that though, because he’s a dream! Touch wood. He hardly ever cries and when he does, he’s easily consoled by cuddles.

I’m currently 25 and I’ve been married since I was 21. The relationship has had ups and downs as all relationships, and we were actually separated at the time I found out I was pregnant. Thank god we worked things out though, because I don’t think I would have made it through the pregnancy on my own, never mind actually having the baby!

Our relationship is much more solid now, even though hubby still struggles with his lying issue and I have a hard time accepting that. I’m a very tolerable person, but for some reason lying drives me insane… I think it’s because I see it as disrespect and because it breaks trust…

Anyway. I tend to ramble off on an unrelated topic sometimes, but because I want this blog to read like a diary, I’m not going to edit these ramblings. Besides, they’ll probably give you some insight into my mind. Maybe.

Okay, moving on. A very important thing about me that contributed to my personality is the fact that I was abused as a child by my father and step-mother and, for all intents and purposes, abandoned by my mother. I have always believed in forgiving and forgetting, so even though both forgiveness and forgetfulness are impossible, I have a cordial relationship with all of my parents. I do confess though that I love my husbands parents about 100% more than my own! Their family is very close and I feel very blessed to have been accepted by them.

Anyway, I think that’s all the basics down. I’ve had an interesting life so far and I hope to share aspects of it on this blog, so every now and then I’ll have a flashback post, maybe even with diary entries from years ago.

Until my next entry, cheers!



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