I did it again. I don’t want to write every day and fill the space with meaningless chatter, but then when I don’t write for a couple of days, it just slips my mind or I find something else to do and I don’t update again for a week! I’m sorry…

Anyway, let me catch you up on what’s been happening the last week.

We eventually went to go visit my mom last Friday, and funny enough, it was quite a pleasant visit. It didn’t start out too well because when I called her to arrange the get together, she mentioned that she was broke and if we would mind buying food. I didn’t think it was too bad, and hey, at least she didn’t ask for money, so I agreed. Then she mentioned that her twin sister and her boyfriend was there as well and I got a sudden urge to cancel the whole visit.

The reason I felt like that is because I don’t really like my mom’s twin. For a good reason though. She used to be extremely common and into drugs and booze etc… Not that my mom isn’t into that scene, but her sister did it like every day, and the boyfriend was just as bad! Other than that, they were also homeless and my mom had told me the stories of them living in a tent and hiking around.

I swallowed the urge and told hubby to brace himself. He wasn’t too happy about having to buy food, but as he has only seen my aunt a couple of times, he wasn’t too stressed about them being there.

So off we went, and when we got to my mom’s place, I was a little distant at first. I was preparing myself to only stay a little while and make excuses to leave as soon as possible, but as we all sat down to chat, I actually started enjoying myself. The main reason for that I’m sure is because there was no booze, so everyone was nice and sober. The other reason is because my aunt and her boyfriend are off the drugs! I guess they were really broke and had no choice but to quit, but still, I’m really happy for them!

They also had fascinating stories about their travels. They hiked for something like 11000 kilometers! The way they tell it makes me kinda jealous actually. Imagine having the freedom of not having anything and being able to just decide to go to Jo’burg and not have to worry about work and responsibilities. I’ve always been a bit of a closet vagabond, and the best holiday I’ve ever had was the week when I was in matric that I spent in Namibie white water rafting and sleeping under the stars… not even a tent.

Anyway, I digress. So we had a very pleasant visit and my mom got to see her grandson. Aunty made us some really nice potato cakes to go with the boerewors rolls we bought and nobody even fought a little bit.

I’ve been poring over Pinterest again and Saturday I just had to try out the recipe I found for a S’mores Pie. It sounded absolutely mouthwatering and I was obsessing over it. I knew I wouldn’t be able to rest until I tried it. I was a little trepidatious at first, but the method sounded quite easy and I was able to follow the instructions perfectly.

Here is the end result:


It doesn’t look very professional and I’m sure if it was served in a restaurant or something it would look better, but oh my God did it taste divine! I made a whole pie and I’m ashamed to say that between hubby and me it didn’t outlast the weekend!

Here is the recipe I followed: S’mores Pie

Another project I started this week is a hooded jacket for LO. It’s the first time I’m trying to follow a pattern to knit, and so far so good. It’s a pretty easy pattern so far and I’ve finished the back and the two fronts. I thought it would take me much longer to finish, so I made a size 1 yr. I guess I’ll just save it for when it fits him. That’s if it comes out wearable in the first place… I’m guessing the difficult part is going to be the edging, but I’ll tackle that when I get to it. I’ll be sure to post the final result once it’s finished.

LO has been a little fussy at night lately and Monday was a bit of a difficult day for me. I think I may have had a touch of the blues and I’m pretty sure LO could feel it and that’s why he was so impossible. Hubby and I had a fight on Sunday night and that was a big contributor to my mood on Monday I guess. We’re over it now and I’m back to being my old self… or my new self, as I’ve changed pretty drastically since baby came along… it’s all relative I guess. Anyway, even though there’s no tension anymore, baby still gets fussy at night. According to what I’ve read, it sounds normal for a baby to have a bit of a fussy period. I’ve figured out how to soothe him though. I turn off all the lights in the lounge and rock with him on the lazy boy.

Now that would be extremely boring if I didn’t have anything to do in that time, so as I’ve now got a gobii (I sold my Kindle to get the gobii coz it has a backlight so I don’t have to turn the light on to read, plus it plays music and videos, so much more than the kindle has to offer, but even so I miss my kindle… at least we still have hubby’s one) I decided to try something new and I downloaded an audiobook. I never thought I would enjoy listening to someone reading to me as I’ve always enjoyed reading so much myself, but I must say, I think I’ve been converted. I get bored very quickly, but being able to do something with my hands (like knitting) while getting the story is awesome. Plus I don’t have to bother with pressing a button to turn the pages and risk waking up little one when I’m trying to get him to sleep. I know that sounds terrible… I mean a year ago I had to hold an actual book and turn an actual page, but I’m as much a slave to technology as anyone else and although I still have a few favorites stacked in my bookshelf, the only way I can see myself actually reading them is if there’s no more energy in the world and I can’t charge my gobii. Possibly maybe if we went on a trip and didn’t have energy, but I don’t see that happening unless I go back to Namibia and then I wouldn’t take a book anyway… or maybe I would for night time, but the risk that it would get wet would be too big and I wouldn’t want to damage a favorite like that.

Wow, okay, so I went way off track there… the point is, I’m enjoying my audiobook. It’s Full dark, no stars by Stephen King (I’m a HUGE fan). It’s a compilation of shortish stories (the Kings stories are never short though, are they?). Even though I’m a committed fan, I find that his stories can be either a hit or miss, but I enjoyed this one (these ones?). The first one was quite good and the guy reading it did a good job, though he made the characters sound very whiny and I didn’t get that from the story. The second one is read by a woman and she also didn’t do a good voice for the main character. Or rather, the voice she gave her isn’t what I would have…

Talking about that, I’ve been thinking of making my own little audiobook. I could record myself reading something. I don’t think it would go anywhere, like I wouldn’t get paid or get a job out of it (I don’t even think there are audiobook recording studios in South Africa), but it would be cool to put in LO’s memory box? I’m sure I’d find a use for it.

Talking about LO again, I’ve got some awesome news! He’s sleeping though the night! I had heard that babies can start sleeping through any time from about 3 months, so I was all prepared to have to wait another month, but my mom has said from the beginning that he was born a month old! The first night he slept through (Tuesday night), my breasts didn’t get the memo that he wasn’t going to need them and I leaked all over the bed. I’m a heavy sleeper (even though I wake up as soon as LO starts to think about waking up) and didn’t realize what was happening until I woke up at 7 in a puddle of milk.


Since then, my breasts are on the same page as LO and last night we didn’t have any leakage. To celebrate, I had a couple of drinks after his last feeding last night and I got a little squiffy. It was awesome! My sister is babysitting tomorrow and then hubby and I will go out for a proper celebration. It will be the first time in like a year that I’ve gone out for a party, so I’m planning on making it count.

P.S. I made supper last night and tried out this recipe for sweet and sour chicken. It was AMAZING!!!