Little Superman


I just can’t get over how cute my little guy is and how quickly he’s growing! This outfit didn’t even fit him a week ago!


Sims 3 and a new friend

So it’s ten to midnight and I’m refusing to go to bed because I know Little One will be waking up at some point. Ergo, it’s pointless to go to bed when I’m just going to have to get up again as soon as I’m comfortable.

So here I am trying to keep myself busy while I wait for my baby to wake up. I know it sounds like I’m letting him run my life, but I’m not really. It’s my own fault in the first place that I haven’t gone to bed yet anyway, because I got all caught up in Sims 3 again.

I have a love hate relationship with The Sims. I go gaga for it for like a month when I’m playing it every possible opportunity, and then I don’t bother again for three or four months after that. To be honest, I don’t even know really why I love it so much when I do. It’s not like you have a goal or a high score to beat or anything. I guess there’s just something about feeling in control of life, even if it is somebody else’s simulated life!

Anyway, the reason I’m gaga again now is because I recently downloaded the latest expansion packs and I’m exploring the new worlds and opportunities etc. It’s not really that good now that I’m actually thinking about it, and some of the new features are actually a serious pain in the ass. The new opportunities are also a bit predictable really, although anything new is good. My favorite part is creating new sims and choosing outfits and then decorating a house. It’s always a challenge for me because I kinda suck at decoration. I tend to stray to plain, if I’m honest, and my houses are always a bit boring, although I do sometimes go extreme and make a pink room… bit then I always change my mind because it’s not realistic… really? It’s a friggin game!

Anyway, other than playing PC games, I haven’t really done much this week. The weather has been foul so I haven’t been able to take LO out for a walk, which resulted in me not leaving the house and going a bit stir crazy, so yesterday we went to visit a friend, and then I remembered why I don’t really talk to her that much, even though she was really good to me in a bad time in my life. She’s a bit judgmental see, so every time we get together, I have to listen to her judging other people. She works in a rehab facility, so she’s got a lot of ammo. Even so though, we had a good chat and it was nice getting out for a bit.

I also met another new mommy that lives in our complex. She seemed okay at first, but then she asked me for R200 after I’ve only seen her about twice and only learned her name the second time, so now I kinda wish I could unmeet her, coz I’m pretty sure this isn’t the last I’ve heard of her. Oh well, you live and you learn.

In baby news, LO is growing up extremely fast. He already fits in an outfit that was too big for him only a week ago! Maybe a growth spurt would explain his frantic feeding last week! He’s also keeping his head up for longer periods of time without getting floppy neck syndrome, and he’s also staying up for longer periods, though thankfully not in the middle of the night. He seems to know when night time is and he’s not a dick about keeping me out of sleep. I’ve actually had it seriously easy with him, and I feel kind of bad when I brag about it to other people, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it!

Another friend who was a month behind me went into labor on the 21st and last I heard she still hadn’t given birth. I haven’t heard from her today yet though, so maybe that means that her boy decided to finally come out. I mean, it’s about time! She was in labor for 3 friggin days! Can you even imagine that? I would have killed myself! Or more likely gotten a butcher’s knife and gotten him out of me myself if the doctors hadn’t wanted to! Granted she said that her contractions were only 20 minutes apart up until yesterday morning when we last chatted, but it’s still a bit excessive to me!

On that note, I’ll say goodbye. I’m going to go wake my little munchkin up to feed so that momma can also get some sleep!